An Introduction ...

The Diaspora Centre Trust is a non-profit organisation with charitable status (no. 1012885) which has been established in London in 1991 to promote the study of the historical roots and the evolution of Diaspora Greek communities, including the Cypriot ones, world-wide. In pursuit of the above general aim the Diaspora Centre undertakes a wide range of activities including...

  • The collection of oral history materials for the Greek and Cypriot Diaspora Archives
  • Preparing these archives to be available for consultation at the King's College, London Department of Archives and Corporate Records and in electronic form, to researchers and the wider public
  • Publications under the imprint 'Diaspora Books' (db)
  • Research programmes and a variety of other educational and cultural activities disseminating information about Hellenic and Cypriot migration

The Diaspora Centre is seeking to conduct the world's first major comparative study on Greek migration; the oral history project undertaken is to create a collection of archival material documenting the story of migration movement from Greece and Cyprus into the wider world.

Our Purpose

The Diaspora Centre Trust has been pursuing the...

  • Finding, collecting and preserving records and other memorabilia of historic or public interest and cultural importance connected with the Greek Diaspora
  • Promoting and conducting research on subjects relevant to the Diaspora Centre
  • Developing collaborations with similar centres, organisations and individuals who share relevant interests in Cyprus, Greece and the Greek speaking Diaspora all over the world
  • Publicising the cause and disseminating information on the subject of the Greek Diaspora and arousing an interest in the Greek Diaspora


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